The dimensions and specifications on the drawings to be represented here are subject to change without notice. National, regional, and local codes may change at any time. Our local distributors should be your first contact to determine code compliance for the installation site. SpecWizard® utilizes a series of drop down menus. Just a few clicks then print. It’s just that easy.

54″ x 40″ Car Dimension Configurations

ConfigurationCodeConfigurationDrawing # Drawing Type
Left Same Side Opening1DCRC-002871PDF   DWG   DXF
Left Same Side Opening1CDRC-002867PDF   DWG   DXF
Right Same Side Opening2ABRC-002851PDF   DWG   DXF
Right Same Side Opening2BARC-002855PDF   DWG   DXF
Left Front Opening3BCC-002858PDF   DWG   DXF
Right Front Opening3CBC-002862PDF   DWG   DXF
Opposite Openings4ABR DCRC-002886PDF   DWG   DXF
Opposite Openings4BAR CDRC-002892PDF   DWG   DXF
Right Adjacent 90° Openings5ABR BCC-002879PDF   DWG   DXF
Left Adjacent 90° Openings6DCR CBC-002905PDF   DWG   DXF

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