Our Top Focus Is Your Safety

Waupaca Elevator Company’s residential elevators are designed and built with a focus on safety first. We continually develop products that exceed government safety standards to protect you and your family. We know our residential elevators carry your family and friends – your most precious cargo – and we take that to heart in our elevator design and manufacturing.

Residential Elevator Safety Recommendations

As a home elevator owner, it’s important to stay up-to-date on routine maintenance, safety checks and changes to safety codes. Your Waupaca Elevator Company dealer can help you keep your residential elevator in compliance.

Home Elevator Space Guard Requirements

Check the area between the hoistway door and the hoistway edge of the home elevator’s landing sill to ensure the gap in space is in compliance with applicable safety codes. An elevator that is not in compliance can have an unsafe entrapment space between the elevator gate and hoistway door.

CSPC residential elevator gap alert

Source: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, cpsc.gov


Elevators installed per ASME code prior to 2016 allowed for a 3-inch gap between hoistway door and hoistway edge. Elevators installed per ASME code since 2016 allow for a 3/4-inch gap between hoistway door and hoistway edge.

Closing the Gap For Compliant Elevator Operation

Waupaca Elevator Company offers Wooden and Polycarbonate Space Guards to bring older home elevators into code and increase safety. The space guards reduce the entrapment area and meet the national ASME code. By reducing the platform area, these customized Space Guards greatly reduce the risk of serious injury and death.

Waupaca Elevator Company Wooden Home Elevator Space Guards
Waupaca Elevator Company Wooden Space Guards

Customized Space Guards

Waupaca Elevator Company offers customized hoistway door space guards to match your elevator style. Choose a wood space guard, available in a variety of plywood veneers or a clear polycarbonate space guard with standoff finishes to match your elevator fixtures.



Waupaca Elevator Company Polycarbonate Space Guards for Home Elevator

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U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission Alert and ASME A17.1, Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators: READ MORE