June 30, 2017

July 4th Weekend: Celebrate Your Mobile Independence

Cold drinks are in the cooler covered in ice and the meat is on the grill, cooking and sizzling into that perfect, seared brown savory color.  Music is playing nearby as kids run pass, trying to escape from their designated tagged friend.  The burning sun heats up but then the soft summer breeze cools just right because it’s July 4th weekend.  Americans celebrate this holiday not only in the night where fireworks and sparklers are visible, but all weekend long as they enjoy what the season has to offer and what America has accomplished: independence.

Big or small, independence is freedom; from the freedom to vote to the freedom to eat your fries with or without ketchup.  It is about your individuality, and the open choice to do what you will. But what if the freedom to be mobile and move around in your own home did not feel as liberating, because of a few stairs?  There are individual who feel they have lost a part of their independence due to being health related issues, bad feet, knees, or back resulting from surgery or age, or an accident related cause.  From all of these unique situations, they can often feel trapped, but having residential elevator can change this situation immensely.  Having your own residential elevator in the home can improve your quality of life and the quality for the house.

Here are a few ways how having your very own residential elevator can help you have your own mobile independence.

  • No more depending on others to get items from different levels of the house
  • No more fear of the stairs
  • Coming home from a long trip, or short trip from the gas station? Move from the garage to the main floor or any floor with ease!
  • Have the ability to move from any floor to the next
  • The resale value of the house has increased due to this new wonderful elevator feature

Celebrate your mobile independence in your own home, and have a Waupaca Elevator installed today!

Call your authorized local representative to find out the process, cost, and the life long lasting benefits.

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